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Ruth Ministries is for encouragement, hope and lifting up those who are struggling in daily life and be a source of hope and help for those who need it.

We also have groups on fb for those women who would like to join us for community projects, a community clothes closet, and group for interaction, encouragement and hope as well as  being a source of light in the darkness of this secular world...may we be the Salt & Light of this world.

We will also be having events to help  RUTH's Closet to help address needs in the community as well as many other projects.

Ruth’s Closet is an outreach program providing clothing and household items to the residents of the community free of charge who have an immediate need.
Some of these needs may include:
Financial distress through the loss of income
Loss of home through natural disaster (fire, flood, weather)
Changes to family dynamics (divorce, separation, domestic violence)

Your clothing donation can make a big difference in the lives of children and adults in need. Donations of used clothes in good condition can help needy people even though you may consider your clothes as being old or out of fashion you can donate good clothes that people can wear.
Ruth’s Closet will be filled with donated new or gently used clothing. Donated clothing may come from corporate retail donations, government programs or personal gifts to the Closet.
We graciously accept all donations, no matter how small. Everything helps.

We're a community supported service in action group meeting the needs of those in East Texas with our primary focus helping those that are not met by other social service agencies or their own families/friends

Some of you may wonder what our goals and objectives are for the coming year....

This is what we would like to do for families and children:

Is it financial issues that is causing conflict leading to you wanting divorce...let's get some financial assistance and financial counseling?

do you have a special needs child in which you spend a lot of time back and forth at the hospital and cps is now trying to say you neglect your other children....let's get you a support system set up so they no longer need to worry about your dirty laundry piling up from each trip

did you just have a fire, maybe a flood in your home and you lost everything and the idea of starting over has you overwhelmed, so you are constantly bickering at one another, thereby thinking you need to divorce....well, let's do what we can to replace "stuff" and get you back on your feet to have a HOME again so your family can get back to being a family

Are you an older child who is seeking to reunite with a parent now that you are free from your alienator but you have no place to go....let's use our network to find you temporary housing while you slowly reconnect with the alienated parent on neutral territory

Did one or both of you lose a job recently and your kids have outgrown their clothes....let's get you all some clothes so that is no longer an issue

Are you in between paychecks? don't qualify for food stamps? did your milk expire and you have no money to buy more? did you run out of formula? diapers?.... Let's go into the closet and food pantry with our referrals and get what you need to get you back on your feet

Family Counseling Services and Spiritual Counseling offered by a volunteer staff with backgrounds including an Ordained Minister, family and child advocate of 22 years, MADD, Sociology Student (future social worker), and a variety of many other helpful backgrounds to help serve you

Do you need a co-parenting course to learn how to deal with your children's other parent after a divorce so that your children benefit from having BOTH FIT & HEALTHY PARENTS in their lives??? We offer a co-parenting class that is based on biblical foundation...HEART C is the class for you

Do you need conflict resolution to help solve your co-parenting or other relationship issues? We have a class that starts with an attitude of gratitude..Crossroads of Love helps us to see things from the other parties perspective

Maybe you need to let go of things in the past and leave them at the cross so you can move forward into the blessings God has for you...Divine Surrender is for you

To ask for assistance, please visit our "ASK FOR HELP" page

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